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Lufthansa City Center Business Travel

Telephone: +48 22 / 4920802
+48 22 / 3147205

Al. Jerozolimskie 142B,
02-305 Warsaw

The LCC Network

Lufthansa City Center is the largest worldwide travel agency organisation of its kind: As a global franchise company, Lufthansa City Center combines flexibility and competence with economically independent entrepreneurs under a strong branding. The worldwide Lufthansa City Center offices are to date represented with more than 650 offices in 92 countries and to generate a global turnover of more than EUR 4.95 billion.

Since the introduction into the market in 1991, Lufthansa City Center has become one of the fastest growing travel agency chains in the world. The key success factor of today’s significant network is the strong Lufthansa City Center franchise concept, which answers to the challenges in an ever changing environment.

For both individual and business traveller, all worldwide Lufthansa City Center locations offer consistent services reflecting the commitment to quality of the Lufthansa City Center brand. It is the local strength and expertise of all worldwide offices, which make Lufthansa City Center a different partner on your side: We are proud to understand more than just the language of our clients as we also appreciate culture, habits, regional and national economic variances and the true needs of our clientele.

LCC Local Country Organisation Poland


eTravel Inc. is a founding member of the Lufthansa City Center Local Country Organisation Poland - a network of travel agencies, presently associating 12 locations allover Poland.

Lufthansa City Center LCO Poland is part of a global network of travel agencies, specialized in servicing corporations in the area of comprehensive service and cost optimization of business travels. We invite you to visit

Lufthansa City Center is a synonym of international standards of quality and professionalism of service and orientation towards the specific character of Corporate Customers.