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Lufthansa City Center Business Travel

Telephone: +48 22 / 4920802
+48 22 / 3147205

Al. Jerozolimskie 142B,
02-305 Warsaw





Thanks to constant training and technological development, we are able to comprehensively guarantee you the highest standards of customer service, based on international standards and independently developed solutions.

We offer our services to public institutions, international corporations, as well as small- or medium-sized companies.




MIS analysis mainly evolves around savings on the flight sector. When continuously monitoring expenses and travel activities, cost saving potential can be identified and realised. A differentiation between realised and missed savings, a permanent analysis and review on all levels documents the success of a systematic travel policy implementation based on your specifications. For a detailed MIS reporting, the agents enter key reason codes that indicate the reason for a missed saving at the point of reservation.        
Cost-savings reports can be broken down to the level of employee. Individual reason codes based on the travel policy of your company can be implemented.



Your Business Travel Lufthansa City Center can document any breach of your company’s travel policy. Missed-saving reports can be broken down to the level of employee.



With the foundation of the Lufthansa City Center brand, the comprehensive approach to quality based on Total Quality Management (TQM) was also initiated. The vision is:

“Continuous improvement of our service quality by all our employees based on the requirements of our clients is our first aim.” These efforts are supported by quality monitoring and market research.


The basis for our quality work is a quality management strategy that has been developed with support of science and a professional service supplier, who has been awarded with the highest quality award (Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award). Key elements of our quality management are:

  • commitment to existing quality standards
  • support through our roboting software QUIKS
  • implementation and further development of quality standards

This process is permanently reviewed and verified by the demand of our customers. To guarantee a consistent high quality customer service, eTravel Business Travel Lufthansa City Center conducts regular customer surveys. The results of these customer surveys enable us to optimise efficiency, to avoid mistakes and to set new targets. The customer survey is generated for three different target groups:

  • travel co-ordinator
  • traveller
  • decision maker



As a matter of principal, we understand our Key Account Management as customer orientated attitude and working method of our company that always shows you how important you as our business partner are for us.

To enforce the resulting benefits for you into practice, we act on our “COPS”-Principle:


C - Contact: We assign one dedicated contact person to your company

O - Optimisation: We support your supplier negotiation processes

P - Problems? We resolve problems quickly and to your satisfaction

S - Service: We continuously work to deliver better service to you


Your Key Account Manager is primarily responsible for:

  • dedicated contact between your company, travel agents and management
  • strategy development to monitor and improve service quality
  • support in supplier negotiation process
  • contract control of your company and Business Travel Lufthansa City Center
  • explanation of cost and revenue budget
  • process optimisation internal travel processes at your company
  • consolidation of management information data to global reports
  • continuous documentation and analysis of MIS-data



Advantages of co-operating with eTravel LCC                    

When working with a travel agency that is owned and managed by the same person, customers generally notice the difference of dedicated service through and through. For your company, this means extensive, personal service; qualified contact persons and immediate problem solutions.  
This offer was put together from the assigned Key Account and the General Manager, the two persons who will be in close contact with you during the entire time of co-operation. So, you can be sure that we just offer services to you that we can fulfil 100%.

Further benefits:

  • staff fluctuation is generally very low at eTravel Lufthansa City Center- particularly in the business travel team, our employees have been with us since more than 5 years
  • eTravel LCC has the most qualified business travel teams of the whole region, all teams consist at least of one long-time and highly experienced and qualified staff member as well as of several best-trained employees and permanently trained junior employees
  • eTravel LCC reaches the highest level of satisfaction for its customers
  • short notice document deliveries to all named locations of a respective subsidiary of your company are guaranteed at all times
  • eTravel LCC is fair and honest, we keep our promises and we stand by every statement given in this tender


In our company, we are convinced that we will satisfy all your company requirements in terms of cost, efficiency and quality of our services. Our long term experience with local, national and multi national customers of various industry branches illustrate our commitment to establish and develop a service level of personal address and engagement that you have never experienced before.